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 Curriculum Vitae


Professor Emeritus, Pacifica Graduate Institute, California, USA. 

     249 Lambert Road, Carpinteria, California, 93013.

   1975    University of de Montréal.   Psychology. Ph.D.       


2016-1995  Core faculty, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara. 

1995- 1976:  Department of Communications, State University of Québec,  Montréal Campus.  Tenured in 1979.

1985 – 1982  Dean of students,  Psycho-Social Studies Program. Department of Communications. University of Quebec in Montreal 

1972 – 1974  Adjunct Professor, University of  Montréal. School of Social Services. 

Published BOOKS

– – Au Delà de la Honte et de l’Orgueil.  Éditions Entrelacs.  Paris 2018.

– The Wisdom of the Psyche: Depth Psychology after Neuroscience.  Routledge.  London and San Francisco.  2016 for the second edition.  

–  Heartbreak, Mourning, Loss, Volume 1: Detach or Die. World Books Collective. 2015.

– Heartbreak, Mourning, Loss. Volume 2: The Brain in Love. World Books Collective. 2015.

– La Sagesse des Larmes.  Editions de l »Homme, Montreal, 2009. 

– The Psychologyof Abortion.  Ginette Paris.  Spring Publications, Dallas, Texas. 1992.  113 p.  Second edition: Spring Publications 2007

–  Pagan Grace.  Ginette Paris.  Spring Publications, Dallas, Texas. 1990. 152 p.

–  Pagan Meditations.  Ginette Paris, Spring Publications, Dallas, Texas. 1986.  

–  La Renaissance D’Aphrodite.  Ginette Paris, Editions Boréal Express, Montréal,1986. 

–  Le Reveil Des Dieux.  Ginette Paris, Editions de Mortagne, Montréal, 1980. 

–  La Dimension CachéeLe Conscient et L’inconscient.  Ginette Paris.  Editions C.G. Montréal.  Déc. 1988.  (Small manual of introduction to Jungian psychology for college students.)

A Novel:

–  Feux De Brindilles.  (Historical novel)  Editions Les Quinze, Montréal, 1991

Translations of G. Paris’s books in other languages

-A Translation in Italian of Heartbreak,  by Moretti & Vitali, Bergamo,  2012.

-A Translation in Spanish , by  Gustavo Beck of Heartbreak, published  in 2012 by Taurus, Spain

-A Translation in Russian of The Wisdom on the Psyche.  Mockba. Korhto-UEHTP.  Moscow 2012

A Translation in Italian of The Wisdom on the Psyche,by Moretti & Vitali, Bergamo, in 2009

-A Translation in Spanish , by  Gustavo Beck of The Wisdom on the Psyche,published in 2009 by Taurus, Spain

– A Translation in Italian by Patrizia Lorenzi of G. Paris La Renaissance  d’Aphrodite.  Moretti & Vitali, Bergamo, 1997.

– A translation in Portuguese by Sonia Labate of  G. Paris  Pagan Meditations;: Meditaçoes Pagas: Os Mundos de Afrodite, Artemis e Hestia.  Petropolis, 1994.

– A translation in German by A. Guggenbuhl  of G. Paris’s La Renaissance d’Aphrodite.  Zurich, 1998


 – Translation by Ginette Paris 

James Hillman Blue Fire La Beauté de Psyché, éditions du Jour, Montréal 1995.


  • Jung is Passé; Jung is of the future: the Relevance of depth psychology in an age of neuroscience.  Public lecture.  Monte Verita. Ascona, Switzerland. May 31, 2013.
  • Mourning and Loss: The Originality of a Jungian/archetypal approach. Two day seminar for the Eranos Foundation, Casa Gabriella.  Ascona, Switzerland. June 1, 2013.

– The Many forms of Loss and the only one way to let go. Sun City Arizona April 12, 2012.  Friday conference and Saturday workshop.

-Individuation starts with heartbreak. Friday conference and Saturday-Sundayworkshop.  Jung Society of Arizona, Tuscon, April 14-15, 2012

-Love and Heartbreak. Friday Lecture and Saturday-Sunday workshop.  The Jung Society of Utah. Salt Lake City May 4, 2012.

-Lasting, Leaving, Left: Ars Moriendi. James Hillman Memorial. Pacifica Graduate Institute. March 2-4, 2012

– Love in the city: heartbreak clinic.   Pacifica Graduate Institute Public Programs with Institute for Cultural Change. Santa Barbara. September 16 -17-18, 2011.

Alone and heartbroken:  where neuroscience meets depth psychology.  Paper delivered at the conference « Those Women »,  Institute for Cultural Change, Santa Barbara, June  2011.   

— The Next Evolution of Depth Psychology. Conference at the Calgary C.J. Jung Society.  Friday, February 25,  2011.

– Imagination and medicine: the next evolution of Depth Psychology. A Skype presentation to a Moscow audience on the occasion of the VI Annual conference of Moscow Association for Analytical Psychology.  Hosted by The Russian Society for Analytical Psychology. October 14-16, 2011.

 – Debunking old metaphors and tired fictions.  Workshop : the Calgary C.J. Jung Society.  Saturday and Sunday,  February 26-27,  2011.

Depth Psychology after Neuroscience. January 29-31, 2010   Imagination and Medicine Conference.  Pacifica Graduate Institute: public Conference. 

— Beauty, the Birds and the Pope.  May 21-23, Ojai 2009.  California. International Conference on The Aesthetic Nature of Change. Institute for Cultural Change.  

 — Personal Identity: how can I change my sense of Self ? May 2009. Public Lecture. St-Paul, Minnesota. 

–Depth psychology and the sense of the Inner Life.  September, 2009. 

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara.  Mexico. 

— Teaching Depth Psychology.  September 2009.  La Faculdad the Psicologia the la Universidad Autonoma De Querataro .  Mexico

–All psychology is Eco-psychology.   Keynote Address at Foundation for Mythological Studies’s conference, on Nature and Human Nature, Santa Barbara 2007:

– Myth and Politics. Spring 2008. Pacifica Public Lecture, in collaboration with the Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture.  

–  The Wisdom of the Psyche. December 2007. The Montreal Jung Society.  

– Transgression: Unorthodox Therapies.2004   The Atlanta Conference on Mythic Journey.  Atlanta. 

The Art of Archetypal Psychology. December 3, 2004,   The Montreal Jung Society. Dawson College, Montreal, Canada

Hillman-Giegerich: What Is Going On?September 4, 2000. An International Symposium of Archetypal Psychology.  Keynote address.  Pacifica Graduate Institute. CA

 Psychological Art. Texts by Ginette Paris, Images by Pierre Guimond, Mythic Imagination Embodied Soul, Pacifica Graduate Insititute, Lobero Theater Santa Barbara, April 13 – 15, 2000.

–  Psychological Art.  Texts by Ginette Paris, Images by Pierre Guimond, UQAM. The Myth and Theater Festival, Le Petit Théatre of New Orleans, July 1999. 

–  Our Cultural Heritage: Presentation Of The G. Paris CD Rom On Mythology.  Victoria Hall, Santa Barbara USA, April 1997.

–  Le Futur De La Psychologie: La Mythologie,Société Jung de Montréal, Montréal. Novembre 1997.

–  Psychology As Mythology,The Parker Institute, New Orleans. November, 1997.

–  The Future Of Psychology: Mythology. The Archetypal Mythology Conference,Pacifica Graduate Institute Public Conferences, Santa Barbara, April, 1997.

–  The Future Of Psychology: Mythology.  The Oregon Friends of Jung Association, Portland, Oregon, February 21, 1997.

–  Wake Up Or Dream On: Dreams For The World.  Pacifica Graduate Institute Public Conferences, Santa Barbara, July, 1996.

–  Jungian Exploration Of Mythology.  Lecture at the Asociacion en Mexico para Etudios en Psicologia Profunda  Mexico City, October 20-21, 1995.

–  Presentation Of The Work In Progress: Mythology: A Cd Rom Of Greek And Roman Mythology.  At the international conference  ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Artsheld in Montréal in September, 1995.  

–  Aging.  The Writer’s Conference,Sheraton Hotel, Santa Monica, CA, April 8-9, 1995.   

–  Images Of Reconciliation,  Dancing Ground Conferences, San Francisco, Mendocino Woodlands, August 1994.

–  Broken Promises,  The London Convivium for Archetypal Studies. VIIIth. Annual International Conference,  London , May 27-29  1994.

–  The Divinities Of Marriage.  The Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture.  Dallas, October 1993.

–  Le Mythe d’Aphrodite. Keynote address for the Festival Mythe et Théâtre,organisé par Panthéâtre, at la Chartreuse de Villeneuve les Avignon, France, Août 1993.

–  Pagan Epiphanies. Festival of Archetypal Psychology.  At the University of Notre Dame, Indianna, USA.  July 1992.

–  Life-Styles Of The Gods And Goddesses.   The London Convivium for Archetypal Studies,  Cumberland Lodge,  Windsor Great Park, Berkshire. June 8-10, 1990.

–  The Lust Of The Gods. Institute for the Study of the Imagination.  West Stockbridge, Mass. USA.  March 18, 1990.

–  Meet The Author: Ginette Paris, On Pagan Grace.   The Institute of Depth Psychology of Wainwright House, New York.  March 19, 1990.

–  Le Masque De Dionysos. Conference organized by the Cercle Jung de Montréal, May 13,1988, UQAM.  Published in the Cahiers du Cercle. 

–  Mask, Role, And Play: Dionysus In Everyday Life.  Paper given at the Educational Center of Pittsburg, USA, April 29, 1988.

–  Theatre Et Therapie.  Paper given August 10, 1987, in Malérargues, France, as part of a conference titled: Mythe et théâtre.  This week-long conference was  organized by the Roy Hart Theater. 

–  Visions Du Psychodrame. Paper given August 14, 1987, in Malérargues, France, dans le cadre d’un colloque intitulé: Mythe et théâtre. This week-long conference was organized by the Roy Hart Theater of London. 

–  Le Re-Enchantement De La Medecine.  Paper in the colloquium: La Santé des Ainés.  Organized by l’Alliance Culturelle.  November 6, 1986.

–  Le Ré-Enchantement De La Médecine. Paper given in the conference titled Santé et thérapies: le temps des choix. Organized by L’Agora, under the direction of Jacques Dufresne. Quebec City.  October 24-26, 1986

–  Les Enseignements D’aphrodite.  Paper given at Laval University,  organized by the Cercle Jung de Québec. February 14, 1986.

–  Rigour And Imagination. Paper given at the Symposium on Ecology, Culture and Imagination.  Burlington, Vermont, USA,  November, 1985.

–  Les Enseignements D’aphrodite.  Paper given at the Cercle Jung de Montréal and published in the Cahiers du Cercle. Montreal, May 1985.

–  Femmes Et Deesses. Paper at the ICRAF colloquium.  Published by the cahiers de l’Institut Canadien pour l’Avancement de la Femme. UQAM, 1984.

–  Communication et  Symbole.  Conference at the Theâtre expérimental des Femmes.  Montréal 1981.


-Boundary Issues: You science. Me humanities. In: The Soul Does Not Specialize. Edited by Slattery, Selig, Aizenstat. Mandorla Books, 2012

– Depth Psychology as an Ecopsychology: A conversation between Ginette Paris and Lori Pye. Ecopsychology Journal. Maryann Leibert, publisher .

Redemption:Encyclopedia of Religion. October 2009.  Springer Science Media.  LLC, New York USA.   

-How is Psychology a Mythology?  In : Varieties of Mythic Experience: Essays on Religion, Psyche and Culture. Edited by Dennis Slattery and Glen Slater.  Daimon-Verlag 2008

– Our Intellectual Family: We Fight and we Love. In: Archetypal Psychologies: Reflections in Honor of James Hillman.  Edited by Stan Marlan.  Spring Journal Books, 2008

Psychology at the Threshold.  Ed. by Dennis Slattery and Lionel Corbett. Hillman-Giegerich: What Is Going On?  Pacifica Graduate Institute Publications, Santa Barbara, Ca. 2001 

–  Mythology of Marriage. In: Meditations in the Field: a Depth Psychology Reader.  Ed. Dennis Slattery and Lionel Corbett,  2000.

–  Broken Promises.  In: Spring: A journal of Archetype and Culture.  Spring Publications, Woodstock, Connecticut, Vol. 64. on Histories, Fall and Winter 1998.

–  A Conversation Between Ginette Paris & James Hillman on Ecology.  In: The Salt Journal.   Vol. 1. June/July 1998.

–  A Conversation Between Ginette Paris & James Hillman on Rituals.  In: The Salt Journal.  Vol. 1. April/May 1998.

–  Everyday epiphanies.  In: On the Sublime. Petruska Clarkson, ed.  London, UK,  1997.

–  If You Invite the Gods to your Marriage. In: Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture.  Spring Publications, Woodstock, Connecticut, Vol. 60. on Marriages, Fall 1996.

–  Psychotherapy at the End of the Twentieth Century.  In: Sphynx: A Journal for Archetypal Psychology and the Arts.  Vol. 7 London, 1996.

–  Everyday Epiphanies.  Sphynx: A Journal for Archetypal Psychology and the Arts.  Vol. 4 London, 1991. 

– Dionysos: Theater and Therapy.  In: Sphynx: A Journal for Archetypal Psychology and the Arts.  Vol.1.  London, 1989. 

–  La Dépression Collective.  In: Le Syndrôme Post-référendaire.   In: Editions Québec-Amérique.  1989.

–  Le théâtre organisationnel.  In: Pouvoirs et cultures organisationnels  Presses de l’Université du Québec à Montréal. 1991

  Aphrodite souffre-t-elle  pour être Belle?  In: Souffrir pour être Belle.  Editions Fides, for the  Musée de la Civilisation de Québec.  Dec. 1988. 

–  La contribution de James Hillman?  In: La Petite Revue de Philosophie.  Numéro spécial: Autour de James Hillman. Published by le Collège Edouard-Montpetit, printemps 1988. Vol 9, numéro 2.

– Psychologie Sociale et Psychologie Archétypale.  In: Aspect du Sacré, Formes de l’Imaginaire.  Edité par Guy Ménard.  Cahiers du FRISQ,  Montréal 1988, pp. 83 to 86.

–  Le Masque de Dionysos. In: Publication in the Cahiers du Cercle Jung de Montréal of a paper given at the UQAM May 13, 1988.

–  Le Caducée.  In: Les cahiers de l’Agora.  Numéro 1, pp. 17 to 23. Editions de l’Agora inc., Autumn 1987.

–  Eco-Théologie  In: Religion et culture au Québec: Figures contemporaines du sacré.  Edited by Yvon Desrosiers.  Editions Fidès.  Montréal,1986.

–  Polythéisme et féminisme.  Canadian Woman Studies-Les Cahiers de la Femme. Toronto, Canada, Winter 1986.

–  La psychologie archétypale   In: Les Outils de l’Espoir.  Edited by Marquita Riel et Luc Morisette.  Presses de l’Université du Québec à Montréal, 1985.


What constitute my « personal myth » and how can a myth be personal if it is also archetypal/universal?Training Seminar, organized by the Jung Association of Minnesota,  May 2 and 3,  2008

–  Psychological Art.  1999 East Aurora Seminar Program. The Roycroft Inn, East Aurora, New York. July 27, 1999.

–  Confronting The Unexpected.  Commencement address:  Pacifica Graduate Institute,  May 28, 1999.   

–  IntroducingDavid Miller, Archetypal Activism, Public Conference, Santa Barbara, 1999

–  IntroducingJames Hillman, Victoria Hall, Santa Barbara,  March, 1996.

–  Panel discussion on Medeaby Euripides, adapted by Alistair Elliot, Ensemble Threatre Company of Santa Barbara, February 8, 1996.

–  Editing the Script of our Lives, Workshop for The Oregon Friends of Jung Association, Portland, OR, February 22, 1997.

–  IntroducingJames Hillman, Psychopathic Personalities: Politics and Mysteries in Childhood Disorders, Sierra Hall, Santa Barbara,  February, 1996

–  Review Of: The Soul’s Code By James Hillman, (Random House New York 1996). For: Mythosphere: A journal of Mythology.  Edited by Professor William Doty, Alabama University, Vol. 1. 

–  Ethique Feministe.  Présentation au séminaire organisé par Evelyne Tardif du Centre de Recherches Féministes, le 6 mai 1988, à l’UQAM.  

–  Feminism And Archetypal Psychology.  Presentation at the Educational Center of Pittsburg, PA,  April 30, 1988.

–  L’avortement: Aspects Symboliques Et Psychologiques.  Communication à la Journée de formation sur l’avortement destinée aux médecins et infirmières des CLSC.  Holiday Inn. Montréal le 15 avril 1988. 

–  What Are Archetypes?  Panel organized  by the C.G. Jung Society of Montréal, with  David Miller (Syracuse University), Naomi Goldenberg (Université d’Ottawa), and Ginette Paris (UQAM).  Université Concordia, Montréal. March 13, 1987.

–  Monotheisme Et Polytheisme. Présentation au séminaire interdisciplinaire du FRISQ (Forum de Recherches sur l’Imaginaire et la Socialité Québécoise) tenu à l’UQAM, Le 28 novembre 1986 et publié dans les cahiers du FRISQ.

–  Social Psychology: From Math To Myth.  C.G. Jung and Humanities. Hofstra University, New-York, November 20, 21, 22 1986.

–  Angoisse Culturelle Et Angoisse Personnelle. Présentation au Symposium sur l’Angoisse,organisé par le Cercle Jung de Montréal les 3 et 4 octobre 1986. Salle Alfred Laliberté de l’UQAM.

–  Jung Et Societé.   Adresse prononcée à l’occasion du 10eanniversaire du Cercle Jung de Montréal, Mai 1985.

–  Participation à un panel avec Panel avec  Guy Corneau et Jeanne Bauer, sur l’oeuvre de J.Hillman. UQAM, Salle Marie Gérin Lajoie. Sept. 1984.

–  Pour Une Lecture Mythique Des Organisations.  ColloquePsychosociologie et Intervention.  Montréal, UQAM 1982.

–  Archetypes De La Feminite. Conférence-midi dans le cadre du GIERF. UQAM. 1981


Interviews and participation in documentaries

-NPR (UTAH) 30 minutes radio Interview on Heartbreak.  May 3, 2012.

-Filmed interview on the campus of Pacifica (Lambert). For the bilingual magazine Voices: Literal. (Spanish and English). May 1st. 2012

–  The Problem of Cults.  Filmed interview on Pacifica’s campus,  April 1997, for Production 312 inc. Montréal, Canada.  This interview is part of an educational series for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Released in 1998

–  Mythology of Marriage.  Filmed interview for Production Coscient,Montréal, Canada. This interview is part of an educational series for Canadian television.  Released in 1997

–  Matters of The Heart.  Filmed interview for the British Broadcasting Corporation produced by Mark Kiddell.  London. 1990.

–  The Sacrament of Abortion:  A conversation between Ginette Paris and James Hillman about abortion.  Audiocassette published by Spring Audio.  New-York. 1991.

–  Entrevue accordée à la revue: Guide Ressources  publiée sour le titre:Mythologies du temps Fou.  p. 47 à 51, Mai-Juin 1988, vol. 3 no 4.

–  Trois fois passera et le Mythe restera. Revue de théâtre: JEU Mai   1982, p. 85 à 100.

–  Entrevue à la Radio de Radio-Canada, sur le thème: La fin des Morales.30 minutes 1985.

–  Women’s spirituality.  Filmed interview for educational television cable 23, Montreal. Produced by Helen Workman for the University of Concordia, Montreal.  1981

2009:   Promotional Radio and Television  Interviews for the publication of La Vida Interior: 


  • ¡Que tal Fernanda!/Fernanda Familiar/Erika Pedroza
  • Paty Kelly/Radio Acir
  • Dr. Lammoglia/Radio Fórmula
  • Ana María Salazar/Grupo Imagen y Proyecto 40
  • Irene Moreno/Irene en Fórmula/radio Fórmula
  • IMER/Programa Habla con ellas
  • Leonardo Curzio/Enfoque
  • Radio Educación/Programa Los Contertulios
  • Martha Debayle/La W/Televisa Radio
  • Olga Cano/Adriana Pérez Cañedo/Enfoque
  • Dr. Giussepe Amara


  • Carmen Aristegui/CNN o para Noticias MVS 102.5 FM 
  • Ricardo Raphael/Claves/Proyecto 40
  • Katia D´Artigues y Sabina Berman /Shalala/TV Azteca 
  • Fernanda Tapia/Programa Las mañanas en el Once/Canal Once
  • Cristina Pacheco/ Conversando con Cristina/Canal Once
  • Mariana H/Programa Nada a Medias/Cadena Tres
  • Carlos Loret de Mola/Primero Noticias/Televisa

Lizi Rodríguez/Programa ¿Por qué? Lizi te responde/Canal 52 (MVS)


– The Carl Jung Society of Montréal  (honorary member)

– Institute for Cultural Change: Advisory Board

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