Heartbreak, Mourning, Loss; Volume Two: The Brain in Love

Volume Two explains the neurological aspect of heartbreak and the inevitability of a certain amount of ‘love-madness’. The brain of the bereaved can evolve past the misery of heartbreak, but only under certain conditions that are the topic of Volume 2.

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Introduction to Volume Two


Table of contents of volume 2

Heartbreak, Mourning, Loss

the brain in love


Volume 2 summarizes the scientific mapping of the brain that explains why love madness is part of everyone’s psyche.

It explains how love inevitably creates panic when it is withdrawn. Knowing how the brain interprets heartbreak helps you choose what keeps you hooked on hope as oppsed to what takes you out of the desert.


Chapter 1              

Bypass your synaptic bundle of fear

Your million year old psyche

The three actors in your drama          

Your crocodile psychology: grab, grip, hit    

There you are my crocodile!                 

Your puppy psychology: beg, whine, wait.    

Your regression to a preverbal vulnerability                 

Attachment theories               

There you are my puppy!      

The wolf separated from the pack: the broken heart syndrome            

The art of consoling                 

Neuromania and Darwinitis                

Is it in my genes, my brain or my soul?             

Becoming a wise human      

The inner and the outer         

Chapter 2              

Neuroscience and the unconscious                

My life in a copter

Bev-cog dominance is over 

You can’t repair the past      

The slave complex   

No ego, no Self, no identity.

Chapter 3              

What you mother never told you                 

Are you lovable? Or maybe a little passive-aggressive?

I am a champion procrastinator            

I am dependent but won’t admit it        

I feel inadequate but cover it with uppityness   

Why should I show respect ?                 

I am a champion of mixed messages  

Your second chance at growing up

Unload some projections

Chapter 4              

Ah! Jealousy      

Rivalry can be a factor of evolution

You don’t own the partner  

Beware of psychic inflation

A relationship addiction is the same as a gambling addiction              

There is a way around jealousy.         

Is it envy or jealousy?           

Chapter 5              

Relationship addiction         

The realm of the invisible     

If I am not myself anymore, who can I be?

I am garbage!

I, the frigid beauty queen

Chapter 6              

Narcissism: a trend and a curse       

The rage of a baby

Partnering with a narcissist

The narcissist as a self-loathing individual  

The narcissist as a self-adoring individual    

The trophy partner: narcissism by another name      

The cashmere label